Easter Egg thread

What games are you playing? This can be anywhere from card to video games. And for the online gamers, you might find some company as well.

Easter Egg thread

Postby Skyfire on Sun May 21, 2006 6:35 pm

Here's a general thread for people to post the Easter Eggs that they've discovered in their games.

Monster Rancher Advance 2 [GBA]

In one of the tournaments, you'll come across a monster named after pro wrestler Karl Gotch.
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i found one in wii sports bowling, 91 pin blowout!!!!!

Postby phildaddy on Thu Dec 13, 2007 12:12 pm

1. Enter training option at home menu. (button w/barbells)
2. Select power throws. (second bowling training)
3. Wait until you are at the 91 pin bowl.
4. Press "A"
5. Turn 2 notches. (right for right-handed people, left for lefties)
6. press "A" again
7. Move all the way to the side (right for right-handed people, left for lefties)
8. Throw the ball normally, no fancy grips.
9. The ball will roll down the bumper and hit an almost unnoticeable red button at the end of the lane, if it rides on top of the bumper correctly.
10. Enjoy the chaos and try to breath
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