Any Thoughts on the upcoming IDW G.I. Joe Comic?

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Any Thoughts on the upcoming IDW G.I. Joe Comic?

Postby destros_elite on Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:37 pm

A lot of information has been coming out recently regarding the new IDW G.I. Joe comic, slated to start in October with issue 0 and then picking back up in January '09.

The series will be a total reboot (no connection to the continuity of the Marvel run, Image/DDP run, or DDP run) and it will be written by Larry Hama (Mr. G.I. Joe Comic himself :D !
"Are we doing a reboot? The answer is, we're starting at the beginning. A New Beginning. But we're doing it in a way akin to what they did with James Bond last year. The movie stripped away a lot of the things that had made the franchise feel bloated and ridiculous and started over. Not necessarily scrapping what was to come in the characters' future movies, but resetting things, losing the bloat, making the character stand out again, and reminding people why it was once great.

That's what we're doing. And doing it with Larry, where he's a two-decades-better storyteller than he was, and with the wisdom of years to think about what worked and what didn't, is immensely exciting to me. Before, he was essentially making it up as he went. Now, he know what he wants to do, and is being given the freedom to do it." Chris Ryall Publisher/Editor-In-Chief IDW Publishing

Some of the other nuggets Chris revealed (in case you haven't read the Q & A) are that the Joe's will be based out of a "Pit" base, the beginning team in issue 0 will basically be the same as the upcoming movie, the story will not be dictated by the toyline, and we can expect to start seeing some reprints of the original Marvel run around February '09 (specifically Chris said maybe some best of Larry Hama stuff and other hardcovers).

So, what are you thoughts on the new comic?

Me? I'm VERY excited!
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Re: Any Thoughts on the upcoming IDW G.I. Joe Comic?

Postby JustinCredible on Sun Jul 13, 2008 9:04 am

well if you read that q&a carefully it does say a reboot, but not a total reboot. it's more of a retelling of the original story, just redone with the movie continuity. the analogy chris made with the james bond retelling gives that away.

i'm hoping they dont lose sight of what has been given to us throughout the entire joe universe. eventhough there are so many schools of thought on what should and/or shouldve been done throughout the entire run of gi joe all the way from 1982 and marvel to the latest #36 or americas elite. bringing all lines together i think will make to be interesting. if they can add stories including characters we dont usually see in the same book would be cool for some and drab for others. i was thinking of gi joe extreme meets the original team or meets sgt. savage and the screaming eagles or something crazy like that. i know we're not going to see that, but it sounds fun.

there are so many characters from our pasts or even our present that we all dont want to lose. as long as we have a long running book (instead of a 1-6 mini-series, like what is being spoken about) i'll be happy. i want to have a new gi joe every month to get my hands on. i've been collecting as long as i can remember and i dont want to stop again. octobers not to far away, im ready...are all of you???
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