IDW G.I. Joe TPB release schedule

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IDW G.I. Joe TPB release schedule

Postby destros_elite on Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:24 am

Here are the release dates for some of IDW's G.I. Joe TPBs.

GI Joe Classic Vol. 1 January 29, 2009 Marvel 1-10

GI Joe Classic Vol. 2 March 29, 2009 Marvel 11-20

Best of Larry Hama April 29, 2009 Various Marvel Issues

Also, on G.I. Joe Comic Forum, Andy Schmidt answered some questions for us. Here is one pertaining to the Marvel run.

7.) How frequently will the Classic G.I. Joe trades be released? We G.I. Joe fans have been waiting a LONG time to see issues 51-155 (Marvel run) in TPB.

Andy Schmidt's Answers: I think they're planned at bi-monthly at this point, but I'm not entirely sure. The problem is getting good files to reprint the later issues from. A lot of that film has been lost and so finding reprint quality materials is much harder than people realize. It's not as simple as scanning old comics. That leads to a less than desirable final product in the end and IDW stands for nothing if not quality control (which is weird, since neither "quality" nor "control" starts with an I, D, or W).

So it sounds like it will be 2010 or pretty close to it before we get any NEW G.I. Joe TPBs with the Marvel run.
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