Pyro's pick, 7/29/06 Alice Cooper "Brutal Planet"

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Pyro's pick, 7/29/06 Alice Cooper "Brutal Planet"

Postby the pyromaniac on Sat Jul 29, 2006 11:42 am

With all the drama that's been going on this week, and the fact that I haven't been able to find the CD that I was going to review, I decided to do a two-part review of a pair of concept albums that need to be viewed as one work, since the artist intended them to be the first two volumes of a musical trilogy.

Today, we're looking at Alice Cooper's Brutal Planet, an album that can only be described as a violent and morbid musical tour through the earth after the Rapture. All of mankind's systems of government, religion, and philosophy have failed. satan is in charge (for now).

The album starts off with the title track, one of my favorite Christian-influenced metal songs of all time. Alice takes us through the story of Genesis "We took advice from that deceiving snake, he said don't worry it's a piece of cake, and sent us swimming in a burning lake, now we're abandoned here, for Heaven's sake." Next comes the persecution of God's elect: "Down here we stoned the prophets, built idols out of mud, here's where we fed the lions Christian flesh & Christian blood", and finally the effects of sin in our lives: "Here's where the Bible's taken, where we chose to sin, here's where we first were naked, this is where our death begins."

Another song, "Wicked Young Man", tries to understand the mindset of the Columbine shooters ("it's not the games that I play, the movies I see, the music I dig, I'm just a wicked young man").

"Pick up the Bones" is a sad story of a man who has learned the truth of Christianity after his family has died. He finds the bodies, and is horrified. "The ear of my brother, the hand of a friend, and I just can't put 'em back together again!"

"Eat Some More" is a commentary on how we as Americans are gluttonous as a society, both with food and with material pleasures. "So we eat some more, throw up on the floor, go back to the store, we're not happy 'til we're chokin'. Do you like the taste? Stuff it in your face, it's not nice to waste. We're so hungry, so pathetic!"

This album is dark enough to make the Deadlines' The Death and Life Of... sound like an Audio Adrenaline album, but if you listen knowing that Alice accepted Christ in 1992, which you would know if you'd read my "interesting link" thread a few days ago, you'll definitely see that he's trying to tell people that satan has a foothold in this country and we need to get back to God as a nation.

More to come in a couple of days, when I review the sequel, Dragontown!

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