Pyro's Pick, 10/30/06: John Cox "Sunny Day"

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Pyro's Pick, 10/30/06: John Cox "Sunny Day"

Postby the pyromaniac on Tue Oct 31, 2006 12:17 am

Yeah, I know, that title sounds like some happy, all my troubles are over now that I'm a Christian, commercialized, superficial pop stuff. Those of y'all who get what I'm trying to accomplish here have probably already figured out otherwise (NoRmus, no cheating and revealing what I'm doing on this one!), so that being said, PoetFlint and chad_ghost, I'm looking in your general direction... :D

During our sophomore year of college, NoRmus and I started really trying to find the hidden gems, the diamonds in the rough if you will, the unknown Christian artists who were making a lot better music than we could hear on the radio. One such gem was Sunny Day, which was successful enough to get John Cox a shot to open for Petra on tour. I don't hold that against him now, nor did I then. I was simply excited to see this great songwriter get some exposure. His style is very reminiscent of Vigilantes of Love, but not as "pie in the sky" as some of those great V.o.L. songs like "It could be a lot worse" or "And you drown..."

The title track brings to mind the vocal style of Robert Plant during the heyday of Led Zeppelin, and the lyrics are pretty cool. "The sky is clearing for a sunny day / Like a cloud my troubles drift away... Seems like you've opened up the door / I never felt this way before / You traded sunshine for my rain / I am oh so glad You came / I've never seen a love like this / It makes me wonder what I missed / Never will I feel the same / I am oh so glad You came!"

There's a bunch of other great songs on there that I think are worth a listen, and there are a few copies of this fine piece of tuneage floating around on evilbay. I think it's definitely worth picking up if you can get it for under $10 + shipping, especially if you're into classic rock.[/i]
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