Is this what our taxes are paying for?

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Is this what our taxes are paying for?

Postby andrwfields on Thu Jun 01, 2006 7:51 am

Crazy Inmate

What an interesting story. This man - excuse me - this convict is demanding that a judge order the state to pay for HIS SEX CHANGE?!?!?!?! Here is a man who is pulling whatever stunts he can while still in jail to have a good time. I see two things coming out of this: (1) He demands that he is no longer the MAN they convicted and asks to be let go, (2) He asks to be moved to a womens prison so he can kill more of them like his wife. Either way, no good. Also, if you read a little further down the page you'll see that the state has already paid for female hormone injections and laser hair removal.

Only in America.
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