Of all the houses, in all the world...

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Of all the houses, in all the world...

Postby lobo on Tue Jun 16, 2009 8:38 am

I drove by his.........................................

Time: Friday 6/12/09 (3:07 or 4:07pm EST)
Location: Rt. 15 before Guardian, WV http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Diana ... 6:0:::::/e

I was travelling on Rt. 15 and had just passed the campground at Sutton Lake Friday, when I noticed the shiny, black car flashing its headlights behind me. I kept driving and the driver kept flashing the lights. I noticed a gravel spot just before a bridge on the other side of the road and pulled off. (I thought maybe I was dragging something or something happened...) I looked in the mirror and saw an older male (60s, maybe 70), apparently alone in the car, so I put my truck in park and shut the engine off.

[At the time, I was wearing black steel toed boots, black carpenter pants with a bit of dirt I had tried to brush off where the dogs jumped on me, brown short sleeved Dickies shirt untucked, the exposed pouch on my belt shows an exposed flashlight - pliers are in the other pocket, not sure if the extra magazine pouch was showing or not. I had on a black ballcap with a paw and crossbones patch on a velcro square http://www.centuriontraininggroup.org/s ... cts_id=149 ).

I stepped out of the vehicle and left the door open, hopefully for easy access to my CCW bag. As I step out, my silver flashlight fell out of the ruler pocket on the pants and I bent over and picked it up. I hear "You're probably not the guy I'm looking for." My first thought was that he was supposed to meet someone or something.

It turns out that someone in a truck the same color as mine has been throwing empty diet dr. pepper bottles in his yard everyday around that time. (He had to have been waiting in his car...)

He asked where I was from. I replied "Clarksburg". It's 60 miles north. I said I hadn't been up that way since March or April. As I went down the road, I realized that was a lie... The last time I had my truck up that way was actually about 2.5 years ago during deer season - I've been up since then, but rode with someone.

I said I don't even drink any diet pop - I can't stand the taste of them. I said I was on my way to Bergoo to go trout fishing with some guys from church. He said "Bergoo" like he knew where it was or something.

He said "If I ever catch the guy and get his license plate number, he's going to be picking up a lot of bottles..." Then, "I think maybe I saw the truck back at the Trading Post."

As he got in his car, he said "Have a nice day".

Me, "You too..."

And, we parted ways. I told the story when I arrived at camp, one guy (a local 40 mile away resident) asked what kind of car it was.


- kept going to a better spot? (I wonder how far he would have followed...)

- transferred the 1911 to the kydex holster on my belt after I stopped at the store. The holster was hidden under the shirt on the other side. However, it would have been quite obvious because I didn't have a jacket on, but I could have regretted it the last few seconds of my life. The 870 was in a case and the slugs/buckshot where in a different compartment of the truck. (trout fishing in bear country)

- not told him my destination? It was still an hour or so away. Did it help my case?


- stopped some unknown, random single male to accuse him of littering.
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Re: Of all the houses, in all the world...

Postby camper on Tue Jun 16, 2009 10:46 am

I don't pull over for anyone, no matter what they're doing. If they want to pass, they can pass. Unless they're police lights, that is.

You could have open carried, if its legal in your state...out in the country I tend to do that just for ease of access. I'm either carrying a beretta 92 or a S&W airweight, mainly the airweight during the summer. The beretta's too big for an in the pants holster and bothers me when I drive...so it's usually on the seat next to me.

No matter what, someone pulls me over like that and I'm not getting out of the car unless I've got VERY easy access to my pistol.

Glad it turned out being nothing, but a man who's willing to chase another down over empty bottles makes me a bit on the nervous side.

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Re: Of all the houses, in all the world...

Postby lobo on Wed Jun 17, 2009 2:18 pm

Open carry is legal.

I prefer a shoulder holster for the 1911, belt 2nd. IWB is hard to drive with. 2 extra magazines on the belt, and um, more in the bag... I don't have anything much smaller.

We (3 vehicles) came back the same way, but at a different time, and didn't see him.

As we were leaving, we pulled off the road so the lead vehicle could get some ice. I walked over to the other truck and was talking to the driver (probably late 60s early 70s). He pulled a green Buck knife from his visor, and handed it to me to look at. "See this knife? A guy gave that to me the other day. I keep it there in case some old man stops me and accuses me of throwing bottles in his yard..." We had a laugh at that.
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Re: Of all the houses, in all the world...

Postby Matthew on Thu Jun 18, 2009 8:57 am

That last part is hilarious.
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