I got up in front of about 80+ people...

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I got up in front of about 80+ people...

Postby lobo on Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:02 am

Two weeks ago, I got up in front of 80+ people on a Sunday morning and gave a message. I think I did pretty well speaking. I was quite nervous. (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.) Hopefully, I will get it posted here soon. I even sang (tried to) a song at the end - Thief 2006 by Third Day.

It seemed to be accepted well. The Pastor told me last week that he had gotten several positive comments about it. (I do not want to seek men's approval, but it is nice to hear "Good Job" now and then.)

I've been covering the Sunday School class while our teacher is out from surgery for the last 4 weeks. I'm supposed to cover the class in the morning. We are up to 2 Samuel 13.
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Re: I got up in front of about 80+ people...

Postby destros_elite on Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:39 pm

Sounds like the Lord is using you in a mighty way! Praise the Lord!
Let me pass on two words of advice that have been given to me by seasoned pastors. One told me to remember that I am performing for an audience of One and not to worry about what anyone else thinks of the message I deliver. As long as I am obedient and remain in His will, He will be glorified.
Another pastor (retired pastor), shook my hand as he was leaving the church after I preached. He told me I did a great job, but then asked me...
"You've preached a good bit right?"
"Yes, Sir"
"Ever notice how everyone always tells the pastor he did a good job?"
"Yeah, I guess the do"
"Have you ever had someone tell you that you didn't do a good job?"
He then winked at me. He too taught me not to worry about what the church members think because they almost always will tell you they liked the sermon whether they did or not. So don't put much stock in that kind of thing (though encouragement is wonderful and needed). Just focus on being obedient and glorifying Christ.
Like Charles Stanley says, "Be obedient and leave the consequences to Him." :-)
I will keep you in my prayers, Brother, as God continues to use you and to open doors of service to you. I am excited for you! :-)
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Re: I got up in front of about 80+ people...

Postby Matthew on Wed Nov 24, 2010 3:12 pm

Congrat's lobo and good advice DE
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