My Foster Family

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My Foster Family

Postby DarkWynter on Sat Aug 22, 2009 11:19 pm

Hey, I just got word that my foster family....who I consider the same as biological family.......had to leave thier house. The house had been contaminated with mold and was causing health issues with the children and Mrs. Dianne. Mr.Mark got laid off last Christmass and has been without a job since. I know firsthand how hard this has been for him and the family. If you could add them to your prayers, I'd appreciate it. The thing is I have seen the Lord work in thier lives so many times I'm sure that this has pupose and will work out. But thats not to say this is not hard for them now...especially the children....all 12 of them. This reason alone is why the house they had was so special.....not many houses are built for a live in family of over 15. Right now they are being sheltered in a nearby church, but the facilities are not really designed for all of thier special needs. I'll post up some pics later when I scan them in...but here is a link from a homeschooling article on them (This is over 5 years old and only shows about half of my brothers and sisters): ... 6Watts.asp
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