Great Job, and Teaching Sunday School!

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Great Job, and Teaching Sunday School!

Postby RevSears on Sat May 22, 2010 4:17 am

Just wanted to share a couple of praises with everyone!

I'm really enjoying work, (both jobs)

Subbing can be challening if it's a spec ed child. but other than it's great. The only challenge there lies in the fact that i can't do anything to discipline them.

Can't talk much about the juvenille justice job, but I can say I love it. If circumstances are right i might even apply for a full time job if it opens. I have got a lot of reading (Both homework and fun reading) done on the job. Gotta love when the state pays you to read the bible and bible commentaries right?

I was just asked to teach a Sunday School class w/ the wife as my partner for the summer. Sounds great. I've only got to teach adults once and that was when i was back in Ky. My old church (new Hope) had me teach while i was in on a Wednesday (wasn't in ky for the weekend) it was great! a nice speed run through one of my fav books: Galatians.

But thought i'd check in and say things are just awesome, and it's all God's doing,he is awesome! A blog about Nerd topics from a Christian perspective.
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Re: Great Job, and Teaching Sunday School!

Postby Matthew on Mon May 24, 2010 12:06 pm

Great to hear Sam. You've gone through quite a few ups and downs since I've known you so it's great to see God doing things in your life, and giving you the opportunity to glorify Him in the process.
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