Teen ministry requests

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Teen ministry requests

Postby MacGyver on Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:55 am

Well, we're back from LIFE 2010 (the youth conference we attended this past week)...absolutely incredible! 6500 teens, Logan Martin Band, Hawk Nelson, Francis Chan, Derwin Gray, getting on the local Fox News station...what a time.

A trip like this really shows your kids in all their true colors and I've never been more in awe of them. :) The way they responded and opened up to the messages they heard was such a blessing. We also had tons of fun! We filled half the Louisville Esposition Center and there was a ton of stuff to do...they had a bunch of giant blow up "toys", an indoor paintless paintball course, indoor skate park, all kinds of sports and more. All 6500 of us spent part of a day at the Louisville Slugger Field where we had our own Kutless concert and other fun stuff before the Louisville Bats game...and in the middle of the game we did a flash mob dance that made the local news! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NILCAeon7EQ We also broke the Guiness world record for the largest game of Rock, Paper, Scissors...previously it had been 700 some.

I have so many requests coming out of this!

Pray for Scott and Daniel. Both got a confirmation of the calling they've been seeking God about. Scott is called as a pastor and wants to focus on people teens who are hurting themselves and struggling with depression (things that he's struggled with). Daniel is passionate about paintball and has been told he could have an incredible ministry with it and that was confirmed this week. Both are passionate about reaching the lost. Pray that they would clearly recognize the next step each should take and take it in faith.

Pray for Kelsi who has graduated high school and was planning to go to a Christian college, but financially had to rethink things. She'll be attending a branch of a state university this fall and after the conference is confident that this is God's next step for her. Pray that she'll be salt and light, bold in her faith. She's planning to eventually go into pastoral counseling.

Pray for Sam and Wes, who are really at that dorky stage where they are exploring their manhood but really don't know what to do with it. :) Sam especially was really exploring relationship issues when a girl decided she REALLY liked him at the conference. Pray that he can be true to his heart and what God wants and make good decisions.

Pray for Ian and Linsey, who didn't open up as much as the others, but have a lot to process. Both are on firm footing with the Lord and just need to figure out how to translate what they got from the conference to their life.

Pray for Josh, who went as a counselor, even though he's just 19. He did a wonderful job and some of the guys really were comfortable opening up with him. He's a leader type and is exploring what that means in his life. He's very conscientious of the example he sets for the younger men and is very transparent about his flaws. He shared with me that he wants to continue working with the youth group in any way he can.

Pray for Chuck (hubby) and I, as we explore how to follow up with all this and keep these teens connected through accountablity and encouragement, both as a group and individually.
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