Current Church leadership issues continue

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Current Church leadership issues continue

Postby RevSears on Sun Jun 23, 2013 10:17 pm

Despite launching a mid week next month, I still intend to attend CC of the Tri-stae on Sundays and have a good relationship with one of the pastors there. He is very supportive of us eventually becoming a full on plant. But... Last year the senior pastor died and up till recently 3 pastors have been seeking conformation on who will be the senior pastor going forward. One has dropped out saying that he will remain youth pastor for now. The one i am close to has a clear heart for God, was the assistant prior to the senior pastor's death, does all the mid-week activities, lives close by, has a degree and is currently enrolling in a masters/ doctorate combo program online and teaches excellently. The problem though is a guy who was an elder prior to the death of the pastor, who can't teach very well, lives in the next state over and only comes a few times a month is proving extremely popular with the older more vocal crowd (but this is an election, this is seeking unity among the elders, but it seems to play a major role here) Anyways now after being instructed by the dying senior pastor to each preach one and select a pastor in 3 weeks, 9 months have gone by and they are having an outside interim senior pastor come in for 6 months (who will leave after 6 months, it s a special ministry he does while the body is equipped with a new leader) and there will suspend all further talk about permanent senior pastor selection un till after he leaves.

It's messy, leaves the church without a senior pastor for over a year, and the church keeps putting all outreach or other potential programs on hold while they wait. Essentially the church is frozen despite having what appears to be a very gifted and called leader, because at least one elder won't back down even when he isn't really in the spot to take over. It's really making me uneasy as to my role there and what connection if any my bible study and future church plant should have to this church as it seems to be going for a wild ride here :(

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Re: Current Church leadership issues continue

Postby chad_ghost on Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:51 pm

Yuck. If only the church knew what was good for the church :shifty:

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