Running Back by Committee

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Running Back by Committee

Postby Matthew on Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:58 am

I've compiled a list of teams that have RBBC. Below that is a list of teams that are not RBBC.

Teams w/ RBBC

Denver- Travis Henry/Mike Bell
Miami- Brown/Williams
Hou- Green/Dayne/Lundy/Gado
Jax- Taylor/Jones-Drew
NYG- Droughns/Jacobs
Oak- Rhodes/Jordan
Dal- Jones/Barber
Was- Betts/Portis
Det- Bell/K.Jones/Duckett’
GB- Morency/Herron
Atl- Norwood/Dunn
Car- Foster/Williams
NO- Bush/McAllister

Teams w/o RBBC
Stl- Steven Jackson
Phil- Westbrook
Sea- Alexander
SF- Gore
Cin- Rudi Johnson
Ind- Addai
NYJ- Thomas Jones (maybe)
Chi- Cedric Benson
Cle- Jamal Lewis (unless they draft Peterson)
Buf- Anthony Thomas (unless they draft Peterson)
TB- Cadillac Williams
NE- Maroney
Bal- McGahee
Pit- Parker
Ten- White
Ari- E. James
Min- C. Taylor

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Postby Rockpop on Fri Apr 13, 2007 11:35 am

Great job!

Can't wait until the draft this month to see how things shake out. I know some rumors are floating around about Ind and Tenn picking up a vet RB. If Indy gets Dillon, both Addai and Dillon take a drop. If Tenn gets Dillon, White goes almost off the board entirely, while Dillon stays about the same as last year.

I think I'd go ahead and call NYJ a rbbc. Leon W. and Cedrick H. are still competitive w/ Thomas Jones.

Unfortunately, Denver's once again rbbc. At least this year we got the Tennessee Touchdown combo with Cutler and Henry.
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Postby Chuck Norris on Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:38 pm

I'll be so excited for the draft. It seems like every year I look forward to it a little more. The ever increasing running back by committee trend does two things.

1. It can be painful trying to figure out who's going to get the carries. Denver need I say more.

2. Yet interestingly enough, it de values all the running backs out of the top 4, because you might be able to pick up a low rounder and get a gem. But your always rolling the dice playing that game. Jones-Drew the 2006 example.

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