1 Samuel Chapters 13-18

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1 Samuel Chapters 13-18

Postby destros_elite on Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:52 pm

Even if you haven't been following along, jump right in! This week we are reading 1 Samuel Chapters 13-18. Here is a suggested reading break down:

Monday- Chapter 13
Tuesday- Chapter 14
Wednesday-Chapter 15
Thursday- Chapter 16
Friday- Chapter 17
Saturday- Chapter 18
Sunday- Post
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Re: 1 Samuel Chapters 13-18

Postby andrwfields on Sun Mar 08, 2009 7:53 pm

I did most of this today. But I think it will work. I think I might start breaking it up into chunks.

1 Sam 13

Saul selects a special army of 3000 and gives 1000 to his son Jonathan. Jon attacks and defeats the garrison of the Philistines at Geba, but Saul takes the credit for it. The Philistines are enraged and amass a huge army against the Israelites at Micmash. Saul stays at Gilgal and waits for seven days like Sam told him to, but Sam doesn’t show up. Fearing the defeat of his army, Saul goes ahead with burning the offering to God before the battle. Sam shows up afterwards and rebukes Saul. Saul pleads his case, but Sam tells him it is too late and that he will lose his kingdom. Sam leaves Saul there. Saul’s army is severely outnumbered (he was down to 600 men) and worse; Saul and Jon are the only two equipped with swords (the Philistines prevented any blacksmiths from coming into Israel). The stage is set for massacre.

*This is one of many times you see mention of Saul taking credit for something that he didn’t do. He was always more concerned with saving face instead of serving God.
*I am starting to not like the character of Samuel. It seems that Samuel is always passing off guilt to Saul. Sure, Saul was supposed to wait for a priest before making a burnt offering to God, but shouldn’t the priest keep their word too?
*I wonder when the Philistines started controlling who entered and exited the Israeli nation?

1 Sam 14

Jonathan and his armor bearer sneak away from Saul’s camp. They head over to a Philistine outpost and decide to pick a fight. Jon puts his faith in God and waits for a sign from God as to whether they should attack the Philistines. The Philistines tell Jon to come on up (the sign from God to go ahead) and twenty of them are killed by Jon and his armor bearer. After this, the Philistines erupt in panic as an earthquake starts tearing apart their camp. Saul’s lookouts notice the commotion in the Philistine camp right around the time somebody else notices that Jon and the armor bearer are gone. Saul is about to consult the dice in the ephod, but the commotion in the other camp grew louder and louder, leading Saul to say, “Forget it. Let’s get going!” They arrive to find the Philistines tearing each other apart in their confusion. Saul’s army gives chase to the remaining Philistines. Saul vows to curse any man that eats before evening (wanting to finish the battle quickly). Jon doesn’t know of the command and eats some honey. When he finds out what he has done wrong, he quietly rebukes his father. The other men were so famished when they were done that they starting slaughtering animals and eating the meat for it was done bleeding. Saul knew this was a sin against God and told his men to kill the animals and bleed them against a stone before eating them. Saul also built his first altar to God. He wanted to continue his fight against the Philistines, but the priests wanted to consult God first. When Saul asked for God’s help, He did not answer. Saul knew something was wrong and made another vow to kill the man who was sinning against God, no matter who it was. Lots were cast and the man was narrowed down to be Jonathan (for eating the honey). Jon admits to eating the honey and Saul says that he has to kill him. The people of Israel intercede for Jon saying he has had many victories for them. Saul is forced to spare him. Saul grasps the throne tightly and has many battles with the Philistines and other groups opposing them.

*How great is the faith of Jonathan? He believes in God so much that he goes to battle on a whim that God is with him. Then he doesn’t hesitate to admit when he has sinned against God, even when he didn’t know he had, even when the penalty was death.
*Saul certainly likes to do first, and ask questions later. In this chapter he drove his army to madness from hunger, and almost had to kill his own son.

1 Sam 15

Sam delivers a message to Saul from God, which is to completely destroy the Amalekites. Saul mobilizes his army and slaughters all of the Amalekites except for their king, who they take prisoner, and their best livestock. God tells Sam that He is sorry for ever making Saul the king. Samuel is moved by this and cries out to God all night. Sam goes to find Saul and discovers he has went to Carmel and built a monument to himself and then moved on to Gilgal. When Saul sees Sam, he greets him with joy and states that he has carried out God’s command. Sam asks Saul about the livestock and Saul admits to keeping them, but only so that he may use them as a sacrifice to God. Sam rebukes Saul even though Saul has the best intentions for what he has done. Saul pleads for forgiveness but Sam refuses and says that God has rejected him as king of Israel. Saul begs Sam to at least stay and worship God with him, and Sam agrees. After this, Sam calls for King Agag of the Amalekites. The kings thinks he has been spared, but Sam kills him and cuts him to pieces in front of God at Gilgal. Sam and Saul return to their homes and never see each other again.

*This is adding to my dislike of Samuel. Sam rebukes Saul because Saul doesn’t follow God’s plan exactly the way Sam told him to. Just because Saul hadn’t killed the king and the livestock yet, doesn’t mean that he wasn’t going to. He even states that he was going to use the livestock as a burnt offering to God. OT God usually loved this kind of stuff! We hear of all kinds of stories where the people and belongings of other cultures, countries, and religions were burnt and sacrificed to God to show His power over them. Why is that not good enough now?
*Also adding to my dislike of Samuel. It sounds like Samuel was overjoyed when God said that he was sorry for making Saul the king. I’m wanting to think that Samuel was jealous.

1 Sam 16

God tells Sam it’s time to anoint the new king of Israel. He sends him to Bethlehem to find the youngest of Jesse’s sons, David. Sam anoints David there and David becomes filled with the Spirit of God from that day forward. Samuel returns to Ramah. The Spirit of God left Saul, and was replaced by a tormenting spirit. Saul’s servant suggest getting a good harp player to sooth Saul when the spirit troubles him. Somehow, David is picked to be the harp player and Saul is so pleased with him that he makes David his armor bearer too. Whenever Saul is tormented by the evil spirit that God has allowed to take his place in Saul’s heart, David is called to sooth him with the harp.

*This must have been a big shock for Samuel. He knew that God was going to anoint a new king, but had no idea where to look. Sam actually went to Jesse’s older and stronger sons first, thinking that God would want them, but each time God said no.
*I find it odd that Saul merited so little in God’s eyes. God not only leaves Saul’s heart, but actually SENDS an evil spirit to replace Him. (16:14) I don’t think we hear of anything like this happening in any other parts of the Bible.

1 Sam 17

I am not going to recount the story of David and Goliath. If you need a refresher, read the chapter or find a coloring book in a discount bin at a Christian book store.

*The coloring book part might have been a little harsh. But they’re everywhere! I’m sure my kid has one tucked away somewhere in my house.

1 Sam 18

David meets Saul’s son Jonathan, and they become BFF’s. Saul makes David a commander in his army because David does whatever he asks of him. Saul becomes jealous of David though because the people start to love David more than him. A spirit came over Saul twice, and each time he tried to kill David when he would play the harp for him. Saul became afraid of David and gave him a small unit of 1,000 men. David still succeeded in all that Saul asked of him. Saul made a plan to get rid of David by letting the Philistines kill him. He told David he would give him his oldest daughter’s hand in marriage if he would go battle them. David didn’t think he was from a good enough family to marry into the kings family, so he refused. But Saul’s other daughter Michal had fallen in love with David, and Saul gave him a second chance. Then Saul had his men talk David into doing it. But David was still unsure of how to pay the bride price for the daughter of a king. Saul told David that all he needed was 100 foreskins (ouch!) of the Philistines. David returned with 200 foreskins (are you kidding?) and married Michal. Saul became enemies with David for life and was more afraid of him than ever. David was always more successful than any other Saul’s other officers in battle.

*Funny how Saul is starting to lose it in his old age.
*Foreskins? Who demands foreskins? All I can say is that David must have really loved that woman.
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