I'm looking for these G.I. Joe issues...

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I'm looking for these G.I. Joe issues...

Postby destros_elite on Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:40 am

I'm looking for the following G.I.Joe (Marvel) issues. Condition does not matter as I am just going to get them bound for reading. The issues I'm looking for are:

116-122, 132-138

I have some other comics I can trade you for them or if you would like to sell them just let me know.

Here is some of what I have available to trade:

G.I. Joe: America's Elite WWIII Tradepaperback
G.I. Joe: ARAH Vol. 7 Union of the Snake Tradepaperback
G.I. Joe: ARAH Vol. 8 Rise of the Red Shadows Tradepaperback
G.I. Joe: Reloaded-In the Name of Patriotism Tradepaperback
G.I. Joe (Marvel) Issues 26-30
G.I. Joe Magazine Winter 1987
Secret Invasion (Marvel) 1-8
Secret Invaion: Front Line 1-5
Civil War (Marvel) 1-7

Thanks for your help!
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