G.I. Joe Comics...What if?

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G.I. Joe Comics...What if?

Postby destros_elite on Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:19 pm

I posted this over on Phil's site JoeReloaded and thought it might be fun here. We all have mixed opinions on the Image/DDP (Devil's Due) G.I. Joe run and now rumor has it that Hama will be doing a new series picking up where he left off with Marvel 155. If you could go back to the beginning of the Image/DDP run and you were in charge, how would the story go? Also, what did you really like/dislike from Image/DDPs run?
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Re: G.I. Joe Comics...What if?

Postby Elite_Stormtrooper on Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:49 pm

Very cool question! I had to dig out Image GI Joe 1-4 to answer this. If I were in charge, I would have called up Rod Whigham and offered him whatever he wanted to do the art. He was there at the peak of the Marvel series and every page was a feast for the eyes. The art wasnt bad in the Image run, I just didnt like the mummified look on many of the faces. I also would have erased about half of the Marvel continuity by picking up where the Marvel run crashed and burned with terrible characters/storylines and doing it right. Im not sure if that would be possible but the quality between the first half and second is striking. I always thought that Hama got fed up with Hasbro shooting out mediocre characters/restrictions and just didnt care anymore. If that were not possible, a reboot like IDW would have been my second choice with Hama once again at the helm. I didnt like the Image/DDP writing. The characters were often too similiar and the fun quirks Hama instilled in the characters to differentiate personalities were mostly absent. The convoluted plot of the first Image issues demanded an in-depth knowledge of the Marvel run to be appreciated fully. I didnt have this at the time, having given up on the Marvel run when it soured. Looking over the first story arc, having both Destro and Cobra Commander incapacitated with Destro's son as the main villain also lowered my interest. The Cobra heavies should never have to sit in the dugout. There were too many characters and plot threads running about from the start and throughout the series. A more simplified beginning with gradual re-introductions would have been better. I think this approach is helping the IDW series so far. I also think I would have launched a second book in the cartoon universe. Many fans were introduced to GI Joe via the toon. A toon book would have drawn in toon fans who would hopefully try out the main series as well. And I always wanted to revisit the alternate mirror universe introduced in the toon with GI Joe mostly having been wiped out and Cobra ruling the world. Speaking of toons, an animated series of the Marvel run would be a real treat.
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Re: G.I. Joe Comics...What if?

Postby RevSears on Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:58 pm

Great Question , i'm sure i've answered it before on another board but i think the property has grown since then.

I'm a big fan of one continuity. DDP did make mistakes but i would never reboot, in place of them (so idw lost me) and I would never ignore the whole marvel run.
I would however ignore a good chunk of it (transformers!)

It would be a vague continuation. You would pick up with a small Joe team that never went out of bussiness, deeply classified.
Hawk in charge back home, (with FLint as X0 , his wife LJ as intell leader) with all the tech staff still on board and a few old guys retrained at base. A small field team would consist of Duke, Roadblock, Shipwreck (as a Seal, Hasbro did that to him, even though lots of people blame DDP), Gung-Ho and maybe leatherneck and a few others as different missions changed.There would need to be at least one new guy to help the reader pick up on the new team. IT would be black ops work fighting off remaining cobra terrorist cells and other things intill rumors CC was still alive and well and planning something. You get the idea. I'd try to make may one or two issue stories and have side projects like 5 mini-series that would both link the gap to the marvel run, maybe "director's cut" the Transformers out of that arc., tell 013 stories, or even what Snake-Eyes and the new Arashakagne clan are doing.

Stormshadow would most definetley be a new Stormshadow, a former student of Se and SS who killed the original SS, which would be an awesome 5 parter.

I would make sure, Igs, Noks, Night creeprs, black dragons, red shadows, red ninjas were all entirely separate enemies from cobra.
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