April Answers to Prayer

Our mission is to share the love of God and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Songhai people of Niger, West Africa through a ministry of soccer.

April Answers to Prayer

Postby chad_ghost on Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:56 pm

Mustard Seed Prayer and Fasting Groups

A Year of Breakthrough for the Songhai People
Answered Prayers in April 2009

Dear Prayer and Fasting Team,
Thank you so much for your efforts during April. Please read below one report from Mali.

”We were in Noah's village Sunday evening where we have been twice lately to hold meetings. Here were some of the ones we talked with.

The old village chief sat alone on his grass mat. The white missionary with his wife had come to greet him in local dialect. They sat beside him to speak of the meaning of our resurrection holiday. Then his son Noah, acting in the stead of his frail father, having heard the explanation, was spreading the news of Jesus' death and resurrection throughout the village as we walked.

Next door was the chief's older brother of 100 years. His face lit up to know we had come. Though dull of hearing and with eyes not so sharp, he has not forgotten the ride a few months ago in our vehicle to be seen at the mission clinic. His wife explained that his ears were infected so we promised to send an antibiotic. We promised her a few aspirin for her own aches and pains.

Around the corner, an old lady had cataracts. We promised that the next time a specialist was in town to do operations, we would let her know. As we walked along, we were beaconed from behind. A mother stood in the crowd beside her frail daughter who was much too small for her years. We offered a blend of herbs to clean her stomach in hopes she would eat better.

Further on, a boy came to show his burned leg that had healed after we instructed how to use Aloe Vera juice from our garden. A man whose infected foot we treated needed attention. A young boy to whom we had given vitamins was still not seeing at night. We gave him fresh sheep liver that was rich in nutrients with a prayer for improvement.

After much more visiting, Moses pointed to a new pile of bricks nicely laid, and Interestingly, it was at the very site where we had stood to preach the gospel on two occasions. "Pastor, do you know what that is? That is the place where we are going to ask the chief if we can build our church”.

God is clearly at work among the Songhai of Mali!
Besides this, please rejoice and pray with us for the following:

1) Our resurrection celebration was in many respects the best ever. Our outdoor rally was blessed with over 500 people. On Sunday, with two big roasted sheep and 40 lbs of rice and gravy, there was plenty of food for around sixty. Nearly ALL of our local believers and close contacts were present.
2) Pastor David's visit about eight miles away today was met with approval for a village rally this Friday.
3) Dan made another visit to a village where there is a standing invitation for the team to share the gospel.
4) Dan will be going to Timbuktu also this week for the last business of our term.

Giving cool water and basking in sunlight, Dan and Marsha – EBM Missionaries to the Songhai of Mali

Another reason to rejoice:
Here was a prayer request that was to come to your for May!

The Songhai are an oral society, meaning that the largest majority of them do not read. A big portion of our ministry has been evangelistic and discipleship messages in the form of cassette recordings. It has been our desire for many years to complete a recording of the Bible for them. To date we do have the books of Matthew, Luke, John and Acts recorded in the Songhai/Zarma dialect (there are three different dialects of Songhai). We have come against many hindrances involving manpower, know-how, time, availability of recording studio, etc. Please pray with us that God would show us how to complete this task.

This morning, after months of searching and many dead ends, we found the Songhai/Zarma New Testament already recorded. It is in a beautiful dramatized form that will be such a ministry tool for our people, and the work is already completed! You can not imagine how much work that this is going to save us! God choose to answer this prayer before we even had time to send it out! What a blessing! Brad and Sally

Thanks for your persistence in Prayer and Fasting!
Breakthroughs are coming!
The Songhai are hearing of His provision!
Eternity is being changed for those who receive Him!

In His Love,

Brad, for the Songhai Team of West Africa

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