Better late than never....

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Better late than never....

Postby JustAGrl on Mon Jan 28, 2008 2:47 am

So it has been a month since Christmas, but still thought it would be fun to ask.....

What was your favorite gift that you gave?


What was your favorite gift that you got?

I will start since I brought this up:

I love giving gifts so it is hard to narrow down to what my favorite was. I think my favorite was the hankies I gave to my Dad. He is the only person I know that uses hankies and it always is sentimental for me because growing up he always has had a hankie in his pocket. It was probably one of the least expensive things I gave him, but it made me happy giving them to him and hearing him say he really needed some because a lot of his were getting pretty old.

My favorite gift that I got was my iPhone. I bought it for myself, so I am not sure that it counts, but I guess I made this thread so I can make the rules. LOL It is so much fun and it has been cool going through and putting all of my MP3s on it. I still am figuring it out, but it is the AWESOME!
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Postby Zanyboy on Mon Jan 28, 2008 10:18 am

That's funny because my father is another one of those who always has a hankie in his pocket. I didn't buy him any but that sounds like a good idea for next year.

I think my favorite gift I gave was to my four year old nephew. He's a racing fan and I bought him a box of NASCAR trading cards and a binder to place them in. It was a simple gift but he got such a big kick out of it.

My favorite gift I recieved has to be my I-Pod. Ironically enough it was the only think that I got that I didn't ask for.
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Postby andrwfields on Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:19 pm

My favorite gift that I gave?

I'm going to go with the Victoria's Secret gift card that I got Amber. It made her smile even though she knew she was getting it, and now I get catalogues from them all the time! Win Win!

The favorite gift that I got? Amber and my parents worked together to get me a lot of new clothes which I desperately needed. I loved every bit of it.

BUT WAIT! I have a third catagory. The best gift that was given this year. I didn't give it, or get it. My mom gave my wife a children's book called "Forever I'll Love You." It was Amber's favorite book as a child and her grandmother used to read it to her every night before she went to bed. Amber lost her copy sometime through the years and spotted it in a magazine a few months ago while talking to my mom. Mom ordered it for her on the spot, but never told her. When Amber opened it, she cried. My mom cried, my dad cried, my sister cried, and I cried. It's an awesome book, and very loving and sad.
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