New and growing ministries

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New and growing ministries

Postby MacGyver on Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:40 am

So many things have been happening in mylife over the last year...some frustrating, some really cool. There are many new things going on in the ministries God's given me!

1. Sunday School: I still teach the senior high teens. Sometimes it's really good and other times there might be one in class. It's hard to be discouraged when I've got the group I do, tho. :)

2. Youth Group: I think the last time I was on here I might have posted about the drama at my church with the youth pastor suddenly being let go and how the youth program really fell to pieces. Somewhere in there I took over the group and there was some success at revitalization. Last spring we reexamined the Sunday night meetigns when kids stopped showing up. Took a break over summer and in the fall started back up as part of the AWANA program on Wed. nights. It's doing well now, with even a couple of the teens who attended before the youth pastor thing but not after, coming.

3. Linc Student Ministries: This is a new one for me...and for hubby. Up to this point, he's been pretty inactive in my ministries, though I'd always prayed for a husband with a heart for teens to share ministry with me. He'd been through a lot of struggles since the youth pastor thing (they are great friends). That same youth pastor got a job at our local Love In The Name of Christ (a ministry clearinghouse for all kinds of housewares and clothing for needy families) and about a year ago started a student ministry (Linc)...hubby was eager to get involved and that pulled me in and we've been involved in several big events and are on the leadership team. Even tho Love, INC is nationwide, the student ministry is one of a kind to our branch. Here's the web site:

4. Circle of Love: Through our involvement with Linc, we started working with the Circle, a local student ministry center where kids can hang out after school. Typically these are kids that have less than good family situations and just need an escape or a good meal. Many of them clearly come for the food and fun, but they're getting the gospel every time. We've been involved with this for a few months now.

So it's been up and down, but God has been incredible, growing ministry opportunities like we never believed.

Hubby and I are getting ready to take the youth group to a major youth conference called LIFe 2010 our denomination has every 3 years for senior high teens. This year, it's in Louisville KY, and I'm talking like 5000 teens converging on the city. We leave Tuesday and get back next Sunday. The theme is "Collide" What happens when God's world meets your world?" I was at the last one in 2007 in Orlando and it was incredible and lifechanging. So turnign this into a prayer request...pray for God to really grad ahold of these teens...I want them to be unrecognizable when we bring them back. Pray for me, hubby (Chuck) and Josh (a young man not much removed from youth group who is going to be a counselor) that we can be sensitive to each student's need. Pray for the "afterLIFE", that this won't be just a mountaintop experience and then we come home and go back to the usual. We want to be transformed! :)
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Re: New and growing ministries

Postby destros_elite on Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:10 pm

Sounds like God is doing some pretty amazing things through your ministry. Praise the Lord! I will be praying for your Youth trip! Let us know how it goes! :D
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Re: New and growing ministries

Postby RevSears on Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:26 am

Great to see you around again!

I sent up a prayer for you and yours

here in Juneau we have a Love inc too! they do great work and are a good minsitry to be involved from what i've seen. A blog about Nerd topics from a Christian perspective.
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